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Our goal is to bring Impact Investment Opportunities to new and seasoned investors, so that together we can focus our dollars on building a better world.

Through the JOBS Act, we now have an opportunity to invest smaller

amounts and invest in smaller companies. It’s our mission to use this

new opportunity to let everyday investors vote directly with their dollars,

to create real change with their hard-earned money by

investing in Impactful Companies.


Through ImpactU.Fund, we are able to connect smaller investors with many more companies that are using their businesses in many different ways to make a better world. We’re also able to connect Impact Entrepreneurs and their companies with the funding they need to create Impact Organizations.


ImpactU.Fund is an easy and seamless process open to anyone looking to vote with their dollar and invest in impact. No investment is too small!

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ImpactU.Fund can enable you to get the funding your company needs to make a difference. We’re able to accommodate any U.S.-based company that meets our Impact Criteria.

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